Technical Data
Basseterre Cargo Port (
Deep Water Port)

Width of Low Ramp

47 feet

Width of High Ramp

47 feet

Height of Low Ramp from Waterline

2 feet 6 inches

Height of High Ramp from Waterline

6 feet 8 inches at low tide

Height of Main Berth from Waterline

9 feet at full tide

Length of Main Berth

400 feet

Distance between each Bollard

90 feet

Distance from Main Berth to Breasting Dolphin

200 feet

Distance from Breasting Dolphin to Mooring Buoy

200 feet

Distance from Elbow of Main Berth to Low Ramp

385 feet

Low Tide

12-14 inches

Depth at Ro-Ro Ramp

18 feet

Depth at Elbow of Main Berth

27 feet 8 inches

Depth at End of Main Berth

36 feet from seaward

Distance between each Dolphin

100 feet

Distance of Apron

100 feet

General Wind Direction

north east