Conveniently located on the Basseterre coast, the Deep Water Port, the main cargo handling facility for St. Kitts, can comfortably accommodate vessels over 900 ft long with a draught of 27 feet.  Vessels up to 300 feet can berth at the Ro-ro pier which has a minimum depth of 19 feet. Twenty-four (24) hour pilotage service is available.

There is container storage next to each berth as well as reefer facilities and a spacious park to accommodate the Port’s growing traffic in containers. Two transit sheds, one dedicated to personal goods and the other to commercial cargo, provide some 175,000 sq ft of warehousing.

The main imports handled include building materials, cement, fuel oils, lumber, reefer cargo and vehicles.  The main exports are alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  Liner services are provided by Tropical Shipping, King Ocean, Interline, CGM, Crowley, Geest, Tramp and Shell.

Transshipment services were introduced in 2005 in partnership with Bernuth Lines of Miami.  By using St. Kitts as a transshipment centre, vessels can now discharge their southbound cargo in a central location for onward shipment to regional destinations such as Dominica, St. Vincent, Trinidad and Guyana. This partnership has enabled Bernuth to make shorter, more direct trips from Miami while also producing benefits for St. Kitts in terms of an increase in cargo handling business and more revenue from port dues.  This is one of several strategic moves planned by the Board and Management of SCASPA in order to strengthen its financial position.

During the tourist season, the Deep Water Port provides additional berthing for cruise ships up to 960 ft in length with a maximum draught of 26 ft.

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