Despite Friday 13th being considered an unlucky day according to Western superstitious beliefs, St. Kitts was lucky to berth for the first time, Carnival Valor, at the Deep Water Port of the St. Christopher Air and Sea Ports Authority (SCASPA) on Friday 13, 2015. A total of 2,974 passengers were onboard the ship.

The ship that boasts of a long standing partnership with SCASPA was docked safely at the pier and utilized the Authority’s new breasting dolphin with ease. To accommodate the vessel, the operations at the Seaport in Bird Rock were suspended and passengers were welcomed with shore side entertainment that included, steel pan music, local cultural entertainment and vendors selling local souvenirs and trinkets.

According to Seaport Manager, Mr. Loui Hendrickson, the unscheduled berthing of the ship at the Deep Water Port resulted from Port Zante’s inability to accommodate more than two ships on a given day. The ships that were docked at the Port Zante pier prior to the arrival of Carnival Valor included the Azura and the MS Thompson Celebration which experienced engineer malfunctions, the previous day.

Seaport Manager, Mr. Loui Hendrickson, confirmed that though it was a busy day for port officials and tourism stakeholders, the day was an incident-free one.  Mr. Hendrickson also shared that new efforts will be implemented to offer passengers, on ships that berth at the Deep Water Port, a first-class welcome to the island. Such efforts include the creation of a Craft Market at the seaport on days that ships are scheduled to be accommodated.

Carnival Valor will complete its weekly deployment to St Kitts on March 20, 2015.

Written by SCASPA Admin