Corporate Social Responsibilities

At The St. Christopher Air & Sea Ports Authority (SCASPA) we believe that investments in our community will always bring positive and fulfilling returns.

Our aim, through transparent and ethical behaviour is to contribute to sustainable development, by way of educational programmes, sponsorships, charities, and donations. 

Over the years SCASPA has made a significant impact, through its activities, on society through our: 

  • SCASPA Premiere Educational Event: SCASPA’s Best In Class High School Quiz Competition 
  • Sponsorships – Community events, national events (Sugar Mas), St. Kitts Music Festivals, National Aquatic Sports, Church event, etc.
  • Donations – SCASPA’s Adopt-A-Stop, SCASPA Primary School Adoption Programme, etc.
  • Charities – Breast Cancer Foundations, Rotary Club, Lions Clubs, Brimstone Hill Fortress Society, etc.