Corporate Affairs and Public Relations Manager, Ms. Marva Burroughs, Safety Officer, Mr. Kervin Freeman and Security Manager (Ag.), Mr. Everette Mason along with other tourism stakeholders attended a Crisis Communication workshop, conducted by Adams International PR Firm.


Mrs. Candice Kimmel, President of Adams International PR Firm and lead facilitator said the workshop was to review the basic tenets of crisis communication and remind individuals of the need for crisis communication.

“The purpose was to review with everyone the basic tenets of crisis communication and take the opportunity to remind people why we have crisis communication and why we care, whether it is a crime or national disaster. Our mission is to protect St. Kitts, to protect the brand and our reputation in the world.”

The interactive-based sessions gave participants the opportunity to review case studies and real life incidents and discuss the best approaches in addressing varying crises. The one day seminar was a success according to Mrs. Candice Kimmel and SCASPA’s representatives.

Security Manager (Ag.), Mr. Everette Mason shared his thoughts on the workshop.

“It was an interesting workshop. Crisis preparedness is important as discussed throughout the workshop, we must be able to identify, assess and respond to crises within our industry. How we respond either minimizes the damage or increases the damage. So often we do not think about the communication element in crisis preparedness and we end up appearing inept or negligent to the general public. I’m glad I attended this workshop; it was an eye-opener.”

Other tourism stakeholders who attended the workshop included the Royal St. Christopher Police Force, members of the media, representative of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority (SKTA) including officials from the SKTA Toronto, Washington and UK offices, a representative from the Nevis Information Service and the St. Kitts and Nevis Fire and Rescue Services.


Written by SCASPA Admin