Whatever your age, going on a cruise holiday can be both relaxing at exciting. There is so much to do on board, and many countries to stop off at on route. As a cruise newbie, it can be hard to imagine just how large the vessel will be and exactly what will be on it, so it is always a jaw dropping moment when you arrive in port and see it anchored. Because you are in a state of awe, it can be pretty easy to forget about engaging your brain like you would any other day of your life. For that reason it is important to actively consider both health and safety to ensure that you have the best trip possible for the duration.If you are due to go on your first cruise in the coming weeks or months, it might be a good idea to keep a few of these safety hints and tips in mind…

Attend your safety briefing

There will always be a safety briefing on board for new passengers and you must attend this. You will be shown where all of the lifeboats are, as well as the lifejackets. You will find out what would happen in the case of an emergency at sea, which should rest your mind so you don’t worry too much whilst out on the water.

Read through provided material

If you have been supplied with extra material to read in your cabin, it is always advisable to read this. Not only will it give you practical information about where everything is located on board, but it will also have contact numbers for all of the key guest services departments.

Take care next to the pool

Slips and trips are pretty common next to the swimming pool where there is surface water or hazards such as sunbeds and the like. Always take care to follow the signs advising you to slow down, but if something does happen you should report it to the medical team on board. You can visit Jefferies Injury Solicitors to read more about slips and trips hazards.

Check what you are eating

No doubt the food you will be eating will be first rate cuisine, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Check that meat is cooked through thoroughly, and also make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients before you order a meal.

Be wary on land days

After the cocoon of your ship, a day on land can be a bit strange. Remember that pickpockets operate in popular tourist destinations so don’t make yourself vulnerable by showing off all of your gadgets and gizmos.

Seek medical help when necessary

You ship will have a sick bay on board so make note of where this is in the event of requiring medical attention. You might just need something simple such as sea-sickness medication or some after-sun. It is better to visit this area on board than buying pills on land as the language barrier may result in a misdiagnosis.

Watch your alcohol consumption

When you are on holiday, it is easy to have more alcohol to drink than you would at home. Make sure to stay properly hydrated, especially in warm climates. You can end up feeling quite poorly otherwise.

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