The new Private Jet Terminal (FBO) at the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport is nearing completion and should be launched in the first quarter of 2014.

Leeward Flight Services (LFS) will operate the state-of-the-art terminal which will provide a number of services including the company’s unique YU Lounge for both commercial and private passengers in a world-class luxury environment arriving or departing the Federation’s international gateway.

“An FBO adds value to the high-end and business traffic. As St. Kitts is attracting more high-end hotels like the Park Hyatt, Kittitian Hill, Christophe Harbour and other upcoming prestigious projects, you will find more and more business people and business jets coming in. When these type of jets and passengers come in, they expect a different type of service and this is what Leeward Flying Services can provide,” said the company’s Chairman, Uday Nayak, adding: “We give them a service that they are accustom to back home.”

He said such a service also gives St. Kitts recognition where such a facility is available for high-end traffic to accommodate the big spenders.
“It’s the big spenders that generate money into any economy and so we need them to come to the island,” said Mr. Nayak.

He said the private jet terminal will also have offices for Immigration and Customs.

“We have fibre-optic links installed between our terminal and the main airport and we are fully wired up. All passengers will go through the normal immigration and customs processes. The only difference is that the immigration documents will be handled by our staff while the passengers will be sitting instead of standing in line,” said Mr. Nayak.

During the Christmas Season, LFS recruited some 15 to 20 ambitious, proactive, dynamic individuals to join its team to offer guest satisfaction. These local recruits were highly trained by specialists, who train the staff of Singapore Airlines crew and upscale resort chains. SCASPA’s PRO, Dentrecia Blanchette and Airport Operations Officer, Kester Caines, attended the training sessions.

The FBO is an added service to the Robert L. Bradshaw’s International Airport’s portfolio. The Fixed Based Operation (FBO) is located west of the main terminal of the Robert L. Bradshaw International airport.

Written by SCASPA Admin