Over 7000 passengers experienced the rich Kittitian culture on November 28 as four cruise ships berthed The Horizon, The MSC Musica, the Aida Bella and The Ventura in Basseterre Habor, the Deep Water Port and Port Zante.

The Horizon, on inaugural visit, arrived from St. Lucia with 973 passengers and a crew of 628 and docked at the deep water port at Bird Rock. The Ventura with 2,032 passengers and a crew of 1,155 arrived from Dominica and docked at Port Zante. The MSC Musica, also on its first call, arrived from St. Lucia with 2,271 passengers and crew of 964 and berth at Port Zante. The Aida Bella, with 2,033 and crew of 652, arrived from Tortola and dropped anchor in the Port of Basseterre.

Chief Marine Pilot, Mr. Ludel Harvey expressed that despite the busyness of the day all went well.

“It was significant that we received four ships on Thanksgiving this year – we are extremely thankful for that; it was a busy day but all went according to plan. Three of the four ships made their inaugural call to our island and that speaks volumes for our island that is becoming a choice destination within the world. One ship had to remain at sea and transport its passengers on tender boats every ten minutes to our port; many of the ships decided to remain longer than their scheduled time so that the visitors can experience St. Kitts. In the future we will be able to accommodate all four ships at our ports but in the meantime will do all we can to ensure that passengers get an opportunity to explore the island.”


Written by SCASPA Admin