Bird Rock, St. Kitts – June 7, 2013 (SCASPA): Virgin Island Port Officials on June 6, 2013, met with Chief Executive Officer of SCASPA, Mr. Jonathan Bass, Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Marcellus Phillip, Seaport Manager, Mr. Loui Hendrickson and Corporate Affairs and Public Relations Manager, Ms. Marva Burroughs to discuss, tour and witness the operations and best practices used by SCASPA in Port Management and operational sustainability.

Included in the discussion was Executive Director of the Virgin Islands Port Authority former Senator Carlton Dowe, Marine Manager of Virgin Islands Port Authority, Kelvin Industrious, CEO of Cutting Edge Entertainment, Ed LaBorde, President of Ottley Communications Corporations, Athniel “Addie” C. Ottley, and Sales Manager of Da Vybe 107.9 FM, Sheldon A. Turnball.

According to former Senator, Carlton Dowe, SCASPA was chosen as a choice Port to visit because it is one of the leading Ports within the Caribbean region that boasts of a series of successful projects and initiatives even with the downturn of the economy. Mr. Dowe highlighted that from the discussions and tour, the Virgin Island Port Authority will assess its current operations and financial status and consider some of the best practises used at SCASPA in its operations and strategic development.

Strategies engaged by SCASPA to improve the Authority’s efficiency and achieve financial sustainability were discussed during the meeting. Additionally, through compare and contrast, other topics explored included port maintenance practices, human resource, restructuring debt portfolios, reducing discretionary spending, increasing income revenues, funding major projects, cost saving measures, the tariff, berthing capacities, passenger through and output.

Mr. Jonathan Bass spoke of SCASPA’s new wave of investments in the meeting. Projects highlighted included the construction a second pier at Port Zante, a Breasting Dolphin at the Cargo Port, a one Megawatt Solar Energy Farm at the RLB Airport, the replacement of the 25 year-old runway lighting cables at the Airport and the designing of a new Master Plan for the Airport, which will include the reconfiguration of the interior of the Terminal.

The discussions highlighted the similarities and challenges shared between both Authorities and underscored the need for further future meetings and strategic partnerships to enhance the operations and facilities of Ports within the Caribbean to successfully thrive in the travel and trade industry.

A tour of the Deep Water Port, Port Zante, Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport culminated the Port visit by the Virgin Island Port and media officials.

Written by SCASPA Admin