Technical Data
Port Zante (Cruise Ship Terminal)

Length including Approach Bridge 336.195m or 1102.72ft
Length excluding Approach Bridge 281.402m or 923ft
Length from Dredge Limits 271.05m or 885.942ft
Length of Approach Bridge 54.57m or 179ft
Width of Pier 12.2m or 40ft
Height of Pier from water line 3m or 9ft
Width of Approach Bridge 7.320m or 24ft


35 Feet from third Bollard heading South
44 Feet at Deeper End (last Dolphin heading South)


Distance Between Dolphins
Pier to Breasting Dolphin 45.9m or 150.55ft
Breasting to North Mooring Dolphin 65.0m or 213.20ft
North Mooring Dolphin to South Mooring Dolphin 65.0m or 213.20ft


Total Distance To South Mooring Dolphin
Including Approach Bridge 512.095m or 1679.67ftt
Excluding Approach Bridge 457.52m or 1500.67ft
Distance between Bollards 30.2m or 99.056ft


There are twenty-seven (27) Fenders on each side of the Pier, plus one (1) on each side of the Breasting Dolphin


There are twenty (20) Bollards, ten (10) on each side of the pier.
There are two (2) Bollards on each dolphin.
There are six (6) Cleats for smaller tonnage boats, three (3) on each side of the pier.


Pier Heading
Pier heading = 000° North
Position = 17°.17.437″N – 062°.43.350″W