SCASPA has become a greener port! We’ve adapted sustainable business approaches to reduce our energy emissions that affect the environment.

We have constructed a 1.3 megawatt solar energy farm at our airport, that provides energy to our organization.

We have replaced florescent bulbs with energy efficient bulbs such LEDs – this switch has greatly reduced our energy consumption.

Our offices all have timed lighting sensors. When our rooms are vacated, the sensor automatically turns off the lights.

We have changed our roofing in our Facilities at the Seaport so that sunlight is dispensed throughout our rooms.

One look at our operations and you will see our commitment to protecting our environment for future generations.

SCASPA is aware of pressing global issues and has committed itself to changing the way it consumes and emits energy as an organization in order to save the environment. Gradually, we are becoming a greener port and will no longer be dependent on fossil fuel powered energy.

How are we going green?

We are adapting sustainable business approaches to reduce our energy consumption costs and our energy emissions.

We have:

  1. Constructed a Solar Farm – Our Solar Farm will result in emission reduction, and improve financial costs by removing a recurrent cost of approximately EC $1 Million annually.
  2. Ditched the Switch – Timed lighting sensors have been installed in our offices and in common areas at the airport and seaport as part of our energy saving plan. The facility shed 2 has already been constructed to utilize natural sunlight as opposed to the use of electric bulbs.
  3. Replaced Bulbs – We have begun replacing florescent bulbs with energy efficient bulbs such LEDs, for an easy way to cut down on our energy consumption.

We’ll be

  1. Conducting Lighting Audit – Shed some light on your business’ energy consumption by conducting a lighting audit. Then challenge your business to implement at least one of the recommendations identified in the audit.

How can you go green?

  • Recycle;
  • Use recycle bags instead of plastic bags;
  • Plant a tree;
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room;
  • Turn off water when brushing your teeth or lathering your skin while showering;
  • Walking to short distance places helps to reduce car pollution.


SCASPA – A greener port, for a greener environment.