According to Senior Meteorology Officer, SCASPA, Mr. Elmo Burke, the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season, that runs from June 1 – November 30, is forecasted to be below-normal.

“The forecasters are predicting a below average hurricane season due to the cooler Atlantic Ocean temperature and the development of the El Nino. We are anticipating about seven tropical storms, three of which may intensify into hurricane strengths and out of that three we anticipate two to be a major hurricane.”

In spite of the forecasted inactive season, National Disaster Coordinator, Mr. Carl Herbert in a news release, advises persons to engage in best practices during this current season, as recommended by National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) over the years.

“We want families to develop disaster management plans, ensuring that all members are familiar with each person’s roles and responsibilities.” he said, “and to do whatever is necessary to protect lives and property from harm and destruction.”

Elmo Burke also stresses the sentiments of Mr. Herbert: “Though we are anticipating a below average season, persons are advised to still prepare as if we are expecting an average or active season because it only takes one hurricane to produce disastrous impacts.”

“SCASPA will maintain its close working relationship with NEMA,” said Mr. Burke, “and provide necessary information to NEMA to disseminate disaster preparedness information to the general public. Individuals are also invited to call SCASPA’s Meteorology office should they require any information on weather.”

Written by SCASPA Admin