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Seaport Manager – Loui Hendrickson (far left), Anthony Rawlins (Middle), Legal Affairs – Shelley Isles.

The St. Christopher Air and Sea Ports Authority continues to be a shoulder of support to those in need of assistance. On Friday July 1st 2016, Seaport Manager, Mr. Loui Hendrickson donated a Quad cane on behalf of the Authority to Mr. Anthony Rawlins, affectionately known as “Chaps” – one of SCASPA’s valuable and long standing staff who suffered a serious injury late last year.

Also in attendance at the handing over exercise at the home of Mr. Rawlins were Public Relations Officer – Nordia Demming and Legal Counsel Ms. Shelly Isles. Mr. Hendrickson, speaking on behalf of SCASPA remarked:

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Seaport Manager – Loui Hendrickson assisting Mr. Rawlins with his new cane.
“We are glad to provide you with this ‘walker’, your request has been heard and it was granted. We hope that this ‘walker’ will assist you on your way to recovery. Every time I visit you I recall you saying you are getting there and you will come back and I believed in you. When I learn that you were going up stairs and able to peddle, I was amazed at your positivity and faith you have in the Father to bring you to where you are today. This ‘walker’ would make you more mobile. We at SCASPA are very grateful for your progress and we will continue to assist in any way we could. You have always been a valuable worker and I want you to continue on this successful path to recovery. You are our family.”
Mr. Rawlins joyfully expressed deep gratitude to the Authority for keeping him in its thoughts and for the assistance he has received over the period since his injury.
Mr. Rawlins has been with the Port Authority family attached to the Operation Department over twenty years. However, on 25th September 2015 Mr. Rawlins suffered a cerebrovascular incident/stroke and has been recovering at home ever since.
On behalf the Board of Directors, Management and Staff of the St. Christopher Air and Sea Ports Authority we wish Mr. Rawlins every success on his determined journey to recovery.

Written by SCASPA Admin