Press Releases


Please pay special attention to the following changes and reinstatements of procedures with regards to terminal side operations effective today, Friday 26th November 2021 at the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport.

  • The main carpark has been reinstated for general public and staff parking ONLY.
  • Traffic flow around the carpark under the canopy of the terminal is reinstated for curbside drop off ONLY.
  • The Arrivals area will remain barricaded for separation of arriving and departing passengers.
  • Taxi Operators will revert to pre Covid arrangements (2 front of terminal building, 2 standbys to the west of the parking lot and the overflow to the back of the taxi stand)
  • Going forward, only the respective tenants, VIP and specially authorized vehicles will be allowed to use the eastern or western parking lots.

All are asked to be guided accordingly.