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SCASPA Receives New Modern Equipment!

Bird Rock, Basseterre, St. Kitts, Wednesday 12th July 2017 – In keeping with the rise in global industrial technology for port management and cargo movement, St. Christopher Air Sea Ports Authority (SCASPA) Mechanics and Operators formally received their new TC5 Koncrane Reach Stacker on Wednesday July 4th 2017.

Upon receipt of the equipment both mechanics and operators of SCASPA were exposed to  a mandatory 2-hour training session at the seaport boardroom with Mr. Vicente Nunez out of Miami Ports outlining the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of the equipment and a general overview of its specifications.

SCASPA’s Chief Mechanic expressed his satisfaction with the receipt of this new equipment:

This is a much needed and an incredible piece of machine. These are modern times where we need stackers to do heavy lifting… gone are the days where boats come directly to the pier to stack containers manually… to be current and on par with other ports we needed this equipment among other things. Most times when larger vessels, like tropical, bring containers they just bring them and place them on the pier.  It is up to us now as a port to move these containers in the most efficient way possible and a stacker of this magnitude if fitting to do so.

The new TC5 Konecrane Reach Stacker has the ability to stack containers up to five story-heights with a total of 8 internal operative computerized systems and a telescopic broom as its extension.


The Chief Mechanic further elaborated on the uniqueness of the TC5 Konecrane Reach Stacker:

What is fascinating about this machine is a special feature that is called the “Trueconnect Monitoring System.” This system, once programmed, is able to send data, such as the weight of a container, back to its place of manufacture.  However, we can reprogram this system locally through our IT Department and have the data/information relayed to SCASPA’s Operations Department via IT.”


The Deputy Seaport Manager expressed deep gratitude to SCASPA’s Senior Management for its foresight and swift attention in the procurement of this much needed TC5 Stacker:


This stacker is definitely an upgrade to our current stacker fleet. This is now our 4th working stacker… the TC5 stacker has more functions as it relates to weight information and movement. With this additional piece of machinery we can now expect an increase in efficiency and productivity and can now improve turnaround time at our facilities.”

The Konecrane Reach Stacker is part of the new Konecrane lift truck family which has proven to be reliable reach stackers with a load capacity of up to 45 tons with a high degree of standardization to give the benefit of a short lead time.