SCASPA celebrated a significant moment in its cruise operations in 2014 when seven cruise ships with 16,089 passengers docked at Port Zante and the Deep Water Port on December 8 and 9, 2014.

On December 8, the Celebrity Summit with 2,164 passengers and a crew of 945 arrived from St. Croix. The Jewel of the Seas with 2,041 passengers and 852 crew members arrived from St. Croix. Also, the Insignia with 649 passengers and a crew of 396 arrived from Puerto Rico and the Quantum of the Seas, the third largest ship in the world, arrived from Barbados with 3,763 passengers and a crew of 1,626.

On December 9, a total of 7472 passengers arrived on island. Rivera with 1250 passengers with 800 crew arrived from Guadeloupe. Norwegian Gem that arrived from Barbados came with a passenger count of 2384 and 1154 crew. Adventure of the Seas with 3,838 passengers and 667 crew members came from St. Thomas.

Seaport Manager of SCASPA, Mr. Loui Hendrickson commented on the two day increase in ships at the Authority.

“This is a great moment for us all as a country and particularly for SCASPA. SCASPA along with the Ministry of Tourism and International Transport have been doing quite a lot of work, in terms of marking our destination and ensuring that our facilities are able to receive large quantities of ships. Receiving seven ships in two days, placed great stress on our facilities and resource, but everyone played his or her part and we were able to have a safe and successful day. We can expect more days within the Season and the future like Monday and Tuesday because cruise lines and passengers are responding to our strategic effort to make St. Kitts, the leading destination and SCASPA, the port of choice within the region.”

Written by SCASPA Admin