Procedures for Clearing Personal Cargo at Transit Shed II

Cargo clearing is a multi-stepped process involving contact with the ship’s agents, the Customs Department, and the Ports Authority. You, the consignee (person importing goods), will first visit the ship’s agent to obtain the Customs Declaration Form. After the Form has been obtained, go to Shed II and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Transit Shed Office to have your cargo located and brought to the Customs Examination Area.
  2. Proceed to the Customs Examination Area to have your cargo inspected.
  3. Next, go to the Supply Office to pay stamp duty. This is required for all items EXCEPT foodstuff and used clothing.
  4. Go to the Customs Long Room for a Customs Officer to calculate Customs Duty.
  5. Remain in the Customs Long Room and go to a Ports Authority Clerk to have the Port Dues calculated.
  6. Remain in the Customs Long Room and proceed to the Customs cashier to pay Customs duty.
  7. Stay in the Customs Long Room and move to the Ports Authority cashier to pay Port fees.
  8. Go to the Customs Warehouse Office to check the Manifest and receive approval for the release of your cargo.
  9. Return to the Transit Shed II Office to obtain a gate pass.
  10. Finally, have your cargo and gate pass checked by a Security Officer as you leave the Transit Shed.