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World-class air and sea gateways

The country’s main air and cruise port provide safe, secure and customer-focused services that align with international best practices.

According to Adeola Moore, CEO of St. Christopher Air & Sea Ports Authority (SCASPA), St. Kitts’ airport and seaports are “the gateway to economic
development through trade and tourism. They give the first impression and the last impression of the country to their customers, so they have to make a very lasting positive impression.” SCASPA is responsible for ensuring this happens at all of the island’s international transportation nodes: Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport (RLB) on the outskirts of the capital and three marine facilities in the heart of Basseterre: the Deep Water Cargo Port that handles container and cargo traffic and transshipments, Port Zante Cruise Terminal, plus a ferry terminal that connects to Nevis and other destinations.

“Our vision is to be a leading provider of safe, secure and customer-focused air and sea port services within the Eastern Caribbean, in accordance with best practices and international standards. We want to deliver sustainable growth while exceeding customers’ expectations and to offer the most sustainable and efficient air and sea ports in the region,” states Moore.
SCASPA’s plays a particularly important role in St. Kitts and Nevis’ economy when it comes to tourism, she adds: “Tourism thrives on the movement of people in and out of the country. We have to ensure that our facilities and services are recognized as being of international standard, so that tourism and the wider economy remain vibrant. The federation’s main revenue driver is tourism and the more passengers come, whether by air or sea, the more revenues we can collect directly and indirectly through their spend with businesses on the islands.”

To support ongoing growth in the country’s tourism sector, the authority is continuously striving to improve its facilities and services. This is illustrated by its recent activities at the mod- ern RLB airport, the federation’s primary point of international air access that can accommodate large jets and handles over 400,000 passengers each year. “In December 2023, we successfully completed the airport’s apron rehabilitation and expansion project ahead of schedule. The apron is now directly in front of the terminal, aircraft can park closer and passengers can get into the terminal faster. This significantly enhances our capacity to accommodate more aircraft as we continue to see an increase in airlift,” Moore says.  “We’ve also added a sixth gate in the departure lounge, which boosts operational capacity and creates a more relaxed flow of passengers throughout the airport. This year, we intend to introduce a common-use terminal equipment system for self-check-ins.”

There are plans to expand the airport’s terminal in the not-too-distant future too, as growing demand from new markets and a rising number of flights from the 11 carriers that already enjoy its services — which include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and JetBlue — means the terminal is outgrowing its footprint.
Substantial investment has also been made into the premier-class Port Zante, which now has two piers and can welcome up to four cruise ships at once, including the world’s largest, Icon of the Seas, with Royal Caribbean choosing to make the port that vessel’s first stop on its maiden voyage earlier this year.

“The cruise terminal’s operations involve various stakeholders, such as St. Kitts Tourism Authority, local agents, duty-free stores, hospitality outlets, local artisans, taxis, tour operators and a marina. We all collaborate to ensure we provide the best passenger experience that we can,” she asserts. One area of ongoing investment at Port Zante is providing clean energy to ships in port, Moore notes: “Pier one now offers shore pow- er to cruise ships and we’re working on getting shore power on pier two. We’re also thinking about installing a solar farm at the terminal. In addition, a solar farm will be in place at RLB airport this year. As the country heads toward becoming a sustainable island state, we’re trying to play our part.”

The CEO would encourage everyone to add St. Kitts to their vacation itineraries: “You won’t be disappointed. We offer more than sand and sea, with an expanding rainforest, the Caribbean’s only scenic railway, a rich history, friendly people, great food and good vibes. And it’s more than just a winter getaway, we offer a summer of fun to tourists. St. Kitts is a great place to tour, it’s a great place to live and it’s a great place to invest.”